Bernardo da Silveira Latgé


Professional Experience

Practice focused on litigation and arbitration, as well as on consulting related to contractual matters. Has experience in civil, commercial and administrative complex litigation and pre-litigation, representing companies from many industries, particularly in the air gas industry and in the infrastructure, telecommunication, mining, retail, energy and oil and gas areas. His activities also involve representing associations and companies in collective actions, as well as supporting public service concessionaires in strategic disputes related to the performance of services. He also acts as secretary of Arbitral Tribunals in arbitrations processed before different Arbitration Chambers, as the International Court of Arbitration of International Chamber of Commerce.


Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC/RJ), 2012.


Post Graduated in Civil Law, Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ), 2015.


Master’s Degree in Procedural Law, Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ), 2019.

Academic Production

LATGÉ, Bernardo. Comments on international forum-selection clause. In: ZANETI JR, Hemes; RODRIGUES, Marco Antonio. Coleção grandes temas do novo CPC – v. 13 – Cooperação Internacional. EditoraJusPodivm, 2019. p. 323-342.


Member of Brazilian Bar Association, Rio de Janeiro Chapter.


English and Spanish.