Gustavo Vaz Porto Brechbühler


Professional Experience

Practice focused on tax litigation and consultancy. Has vast experience with tax litigation, especially with recovering credits, undue charges, administrative and judicial defenses, as well as tax consulting and planning. Represents companies from various sectors, such as real estate, hotels, aviation and energy.


Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ), 2002.


Specialization in Financial and Tax Law, Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFF), 2007.

Academic production

Author of more than 20 legal articles. The following are examples from his recent production:


“Tax Arbitration: myths and truths”, São Paulo: Valor Econômico, Legislação e Tributos, 2019. Available at: Access on: 04.26.2019.


Financial Crisis and Right to Defense”, São Paulo: Valor Econômico, Legislação e Tributos, 2016. Available at: Access on: 10.03.2016. Published on: Brasília: Revista Jurídica Consulex, y. XX, n. 471, sept. 2016, p. 17.


Reciprocal Immunity and IPTU: The undue IPTU collection claim by the Municipalities over State Properties assigned to the private initiative through a typical Use Concession Contract”, São Paulo: Revista Tributária e de Finanças Públicas, y. 23. n. 120, jan/feb. 2015, p. 29-72.


English and Spanish.